My Mission

To help you ignite your passion, reclaim your power, find your confident voice and the courage to shine your greatness in the world.

An Encourager of Greatness

Hi I’m Crystal!

I am an intuitive life coach, yogi, author, speaker and workshop facilitator. I am also a singer/songwriter, a cancer survivor and a solo mama of two.

I grew up in a small town in the interior of British Columbia, Canada, lovingly raised on a farm by polyester hippy parents who owned the only health food store in town. Being introduced to the healing arts and the practice of good health and nutrition early on has proven to be a cornerstone for my work as a yoga practitioner, fitness and Life Coach. My unique upbringing showed me my love for service as I connected to my community through our store. Spending my youth in the grounding comfort of nature, where I first began self inquiry, has also offered me foundational building blocks that support my path today.

When I was 20 years old, I lost my brother tragically in a car accident. I tried to avoid the grips of sorrow which led me down a path of depression, alcohol abuse and an eating disorder. I had always been “the advice giver”, “the shoulder” and “the strong one”, but when my world got turned upside down, it was my turn to reach for support. I was ashamed and afraid to get help, to admit defeat and to unearth what I had buried, but something had to change. The panic attacks had to stop.

I went to see a life coach with no idea what I was in for. I have never felt my world so compassionately held as I did during that first session. I continued to work with my coach once a week for nearly 10 years which ultimately became a mentorship.

Through my healing and further self discovery I found my passion: the transformative power of personal development. Witnessing and supporting others to end their suffering and go on to reach great heights of success became even more fulfilling than my own evolution.

I found myself on top of the world. I became an accomplished performing artist, married my best friend, went from hardship to being a millionaire by the age of 35, and homebirthed two beautiful children. It was an extraordinary life that many only dream of. Still my hardest lessons were yet to come; I lost my mother to breast cancer, miscarried a baby, faced my own cancer diagnosis and then my dream shattering divorce.

Hitting my knees to floor again and again through grief and fear forced me to the greatest depths of myself. It also sent me seeking for more tools, more meaning, more healing, more ways to overcome and to become my own healer and a source of guidance and support for others.

Through countless hours of deep personal work, and training to become an Erickson College life coach and yoga practitioner, I have come to know the most authentic, happy and powerful version of me. I have also been incredibly fortunate to help people all over the world to deepen their connection to themselves and live their most fulfilling lives.

And so here you are. If my story resonates with you, if you feel tingles in your body or sense that your heart is reaching out, please do. Trust yourself and let’s talk.

“The greatest act of self love is following your intuition.” ~ Crystal Cote

Why I do what I do

The driving energy behind my work is to honour my mother and the powerful lessons her life and death taught me. I witnessed my her slog through a life she felt victim to until she died unhappily at 60. Near the end of her life she realized that if she had changed her perspective, valued herself more and listened to her intuition, her time wouldn’t have been cut so short. She taught me that the only thing I need to do in this life is love myself. Do it now, not when it’s too late. So I’m listening and answering the call of my heart to offer myself as an encourager of your greatness. To do so gives meaning and purpose to all our lives and that absolutely lights me up!

When life brings adversity, do you have the tools to support yourself?

Are you ready to take what is already working in your life to a new level of what dreams are made of?

Are you committed to living your best life now?

“Turn your wounds into wisdom.” ~ Oprah Winfrey