“Crystal!! you find what to say to me that’s so intuitive it’s a bit mystical or perhaps this is your magic: compassionate, experienced, empathic communication which has healing in it. Your caring wisdom has been a powerful force in my life, as I make these difficult transitions. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you soooo much, your understanding is such a gift”

David, Vancouver B.C.

“I Know a few people whom have taken on the pursuit of life coach. They all share a positive approach but you Crystal, you blend a positive spirit with a realism that seeks to approach life in all it’s iterations – struggles to joy and everything in between – that I know will benefit so many! Thank you for your willingness to share and give of your inspiration, courage and wisdom. You truly understand the human heart.”

Kate, Bali, Indonesia

“You, incredible, beautiful, amazing woman, were called to heal. You provide a level of empathy like no other. You are an unwavering beacon of hope so that others may find a way to walk towards the light and love that this crazy world has to offer. You are truly inspiring. Thank you.”

Alieka, Surrey B.C.

“I am overflowing with gratitude to the universe for bringing us together and I am honoured to have you walking this journey with me. You are an amazing teacher, leader and nurturer, thank you for being a beacon of truth in my life.”

Laura, Vancouver B.C.

“Crystal, you are a beautiful Goddess healer!”

Malaya, Burnaby B.C.

“You are totally and completely remarkable, I can’t wait to have you autograph your book for me! Thank you for being so inspirational and for sharing your journey of tears, growth, revelations, spirituality and love. You are an amazing woman and advocate to, and for, so many who wish they could be all of that which you are today.”

Jill, Vancouver Island, B.C.

“OMG!, I can’t believe that 15 minutes with you got me through some very big stuff! I feel so much better. Thank you!

Michael, Vancouver B.C.

“You have helped me get through many dark days. I want you to know that you have made a difference in my journey”

Francis, Vancouver B.C.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Words cannot express my gratitude for coaching through a very tough time.”

Michael, Sunshine Coast, B.C.

“Crystal, I am so fortunate to have met you and your contagious positivity. Your guidance has helped me realize the path to initiate what I strive for in life. During a time in life that left me feeling stuck you showed me a greener side of the fence and helped me get on my feet, for that, I am eternally grateful.”

Carlos, North Vancouver, B.C.